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Bellaccino's Story

In 2013 Chef Cimi Angoni and his wife, Eva created Bellaccino’s which initially started a small café on French Row, into the restaurant it is today.

The Café purchased needed a lot of love, but It quickly became a success with Cimi and Eva making panini’s and coffees for the people of St Albans!


Cimi was always on the hunt to make Bellaccino’s bigger and better, so in 2019 the café was knocked down and Bellaccino’s Italian Restaurant was born, keeping many of Cimi’s recipes throughout his years of cooking.

Our opening night was also a success….

In 2022 the Angoni family worked to expand and double the size of the restaurant. However, unfortunately, on Thursday 24th March 2022, Cimi sadly passed away.


Now Bellaccino’s Restaurant continues in his legacy being run by the Angoni family as he will have wanted. Our focus is fresh and exciting food with variety for all. So, whether you are after Pizza and Pasta, Meat or Fish or something from our weekly special’s menu, there is something for everyone at Bellaccino’s.


As a man that never stopped dreaming of bigger and better, Bellaccino’s continues in our founder’s legacy, transcending delicious Italian food in its iconic and historic setting - French Row, St Albans.

Angoni Family

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